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all i need...

Iíd write a song that matters
About someone who cares
But the truth that has escaped me
Sitting in this chair
Is Iím not filled with love
Or days of the past
ĎCause my days all escape me
And my dreams never seem to last

When I look into the sky
All I see is covered blue
As the clouds roll away
All I see is you

All I see is you

When a man looks at his years
And at the things he should have done
When the years catch up to me
I just remember that Iím only 21

So some help is whatís needed
And so I think itís true
That when my will is gone
All that leaves is you

All that leaves is you

Like I said, Iíd write a song that matters
And itís about someone who cares
ĎCause the truth that had left me
I found, sitting in this chair
That it was you
And all I need is you

All I need is you

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     July 26 - Curragh

     July 29 - Wally's